The Occult Conference in Glastonbury. Making magick.

Welcome to the website for the next Occult Conference - to be held in Glastonbury February 18th-19th, 2017. The website here is under construction, but while we're summoning the gnomes to build the code and capturing faeries to power the turbines, here's a flavour of our next event.

This year's theme: Theory & Practice

A simple concept, but we have to both learn and do, so here's your opportunity! Brilliant speakers will present lectures, workshops, seminars, and even fully immersive activities to get you moving and bring out your inner power.

Bringing you to Glastonbury

As we look to expand our line-up, we're making it easier for you to be here - this year's tickets include the option to book a room at a nearby hotel, letting you relax and look forward to the events without the hassle of finding a place to stay.  We will be in the Town Hall this year - an accessible venue, with free entry to the Occult Market through the weekend!

Our Schedule for the weekend (more details here):

 Time Main Hall    Council Chamber
Gary Lachman 
[Lecture Title TBC]
 Emma Doeve & MLS Enochian Workshop
11.30Ronald Hutton
Western Mystery Trad.
Michael Kelly
Draconian Magick 
14.00 Steve Dee/Andrew Smith - Gnosticism Janet Farrar
15.30 Louise Hodgson
Ov Power - ToPY 
 Mogg Morgan
Thelemic Sufi Trance
17.00 Janet Farrar / Gavin Bone - Wiccan Circle 
20.00  The Temple of Love
Venusian Ball
09.00 Kash Salem
Yoga for Magick 
 Yuri Leitch
Taiji & Qi Gong
10.30  Paul Grey
Body Mechanics
Nikki Wyrd
Finding Your Voice 
12.00  Alkistis Dimech
Flesh of the World
 Yvonne Aburrow
Queering Wyrd
 14.30 Liber XV:
The Gnostic Mass
 18.00Caberet Opens  
19.00Seize the Day  
21.30Husbands 'N' Knives  

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