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The Visible College: The Sorcery of Social Change

Are you angry about the situation in the UK? From welfare/NHS cuts to fracking, the Coalition has done a number on the things magicians of all types care about. Are you "mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore"? Then let's make a difference.

We're teaming up with The Visible College to bring an important set of speakers together, and give everyone the opportunity to get involved with the reality of living in the UK. Here's how we plan to go about it:

  • Emma Smith kicks us off by presenting a history of the Kemetics, and the challenges they faced and overcame to be a recognised belief system in the UK.
  • Peter Grey follows with "Keeping Silence in the Digital Age", an examination of the Fourth Power of the Sphinx in the modern world, and how important that is to our magical paths.
  • The morning concludes with a round-table Q&A on these subjects, and introduces our final speaker: Lembit Opek.
  • In the afternoon, Lembit, former Member of Parliament and Director of Communications for GSK, will give a presentation "May The Force Be With You" investigating the structure of power in the UK, how it can be influenced on a local level, and why the participation of Pagans, magicians, and occultists is not just possible but vital to protecting our interests going forwards.