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Draconian Magic

Michael Kelly - Leader of Workshop 'Draconian Magic'

Draconian Magic is often described and presented as being 'Left Hand Path', and in my presentation I will discuss this perception and what it really means, also why the term Left Hand Path is not a particularly useful one. I will explain the theory and underlying process and purpose of Draconian Magic in particular. Finally, those wishing to participate will be led in an experiential gnosis of the state of being which underpins Draconian magical practice, where consciousness is perceived as the interface between the creative Void and the manifest Universe.

Michael Kelly was a Magister Templi in the Temple of Set and Grand Master of the Temple's Order of Leviathan. In 2003, he left to create The Apophis Club, dedicated to the study and practice of Draconian Magic. Kelly is also a Master in the Rune Gild. Storytelling is his passion and he has written a number of novels in addition to his occult titles. He is also a stage magician. To the dismay of some of his colleagues, he refuses to make the slightest distinction between the worlds of the occult, storytelling and stage magic.