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Earth!            Fire!            Wind!            Water!            Heart!

By your powers combined, I am... CAPTAIN PLANET!
-Ancient Incantation
(long forgotten, and with good reason)

The Assembly Rooms Main Hall 12.30pm, the Avalon Club 4.00pm

Our second lecture in the Main Hall at 12.30pm is by Paul Weston on the Babalon Working, an exciting tale of the legendary evocation by Jack Parsons, L Ron Hubbard, and Marjorie Cameron. This will be an enhanced perspective examining its wider context in the Gnostic Revival of the 20th Century:

"The Babalon Working has achieved legendary status as one of the most power-charged and fateful occult events of the twentieth century. The cast of characters involved was extraordinary. Jack Parsons, doomed rocket scientist, Thelemic wildman, ‘the James Dean of the occult’. L Ron Hubbard, teller of wild tales and future founder of enduringly controversial religion, allegedly on a mission from naval intelligence. Marjorie Cameron, witch woman artist, incendiary presence. The basic details are well known so Paul will try and establish an enhanced perspective by seeing it as part of a greater Gnostic revival. In this context we shall hear from Philip K Dick and ponder the ‘Nag Hammadi plasmate’. Parsons’ belief in a major past life in the tradition also helps to shed light on the Babalon episode. Paul will also attempt to develop the sense of Hubbard’s involvement beyond his current status of a pantomime villain and present some contentious material suggesting he may have been more serious in his involvement than is generally believed. The lecture is extracted from Paul’s book Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus."

In the afternoon, Simon Bastian will take over at the Avalon Club at 1.30pm to talk about the historical link between Magick and Martial Arts, and how the internal effects mirror the external self-defense of these disciplines. Simon will then lead us through the workshop titled Circle-Walking: Baguazhang to teach everyone the first steps to this ancient evocative practice: