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Gozer:        Are you a God?
Ray:            No
Gozer:        DIE [lightning based explosion ensues]
Winston:    Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, 
                    you say "YES"!


The Assembly Rooms Green Room 12.00pm, the Avalon Club 4.00pm

Our lecture on Invocation will come from Sean Woodward at midday in the Green Room, exploring all sorts of exciting ways to connect with Gods, Spirits, and Chthonic Denizens, oh my! This is a fine introduction to the Voudon Gnostic experience, and will elaborate on the relationships necessary to work with gods and guardians on a magician's own terms:
A lecture exploring the interaction with the spirits of Lucky Hoodoo, the Trans-Yuggothian denizens and the North as the seat of the old gods of the magicians of Atlantis. The Voudon Gnostic experience encourages a relationship of invocation with its gods and guardians and the magician’s Ontic sphere. As well as drawing on his published works such as “Spider Sorcerers of Universe B” (Sabbatica, Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2015) and “A Hieroglyphic Exegesis of the Gholem Gnosis” (Qliphoth, Transmutation Publishing, 2014) Sean will be sharing insights from over 30 years of esoteric study and practice.

Later on, Alkistis Dimech will end the day in the Avalon Club at 4.00pm with her workshop entitled "The God in The Body", looking at occult anatomy, and a practical class exploring the core principles of the magical body. This is booking up quickly, so pick up an AAA Ticket soon!
"I will be giving a workshop entitled ‘The God in the Body’ at the 2015 Occult Conference in Glastonbury on 21st March. The workshop will begin with a brief introduction to the occult anatomy, as I define it and as distilled through my practice of butoh, witchcraft and magic. A 90 minute practical class will explore the core principles of ‘the magical body,’ so that participants can develop both a theoretical and experiential understanding of this foundational work."

Tickets are on sale from The Visible College's website now, and the AAA Ticket will allow you to book your workshops early!