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The Assembly Rooms of Glastonbury

This venue will host the majority of our events and is split into the Main Hall and the two downstairs rooms affectionately called the Laboratories.

The Assembly Rooms were host to last year's Occult Conference 2014 and provide an excellent venue for our main talks.

The Avalon Constitutional Club

The Avalon Club is a little way further up the High Street, and will host TVC's Spring Session in the morning, and two of our workshops as a Laboratory in the afternoon.

On Sunday, it will be converted to give the Wizards a chance to fix up your Well-being, heal your Chi, and generally put you back together in the Healing Hangout. Rather fitting, really.

The George and Pilgrim

The G & P has played host to a variety of events over the years, including past Occult Conferences. We return there this year as our secondary stalls site, and to host the serious business of refreshment throughout the day.

Would you like to know more? Take us up on a Tarot & Tipple, £20 for a short reading with Voodoo, Thoth, and Rider-Waite tarot decks, and a drink included!