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The Laboratories

Let's get down to some practical magicks! The two lower rooms in the Assembly Rooms will be used to give some great lectures and workshops throughout the day, and we will be taking over the Avalon Club's function room from TVC in the morning, to get the most out of the space and really have the participants move freely.

The Red Room

Events in the Red Room will centre on Divination in various forms, and our lecture on Invocation:
  • Matthew Levi Stevens leads the charge with a discussion of Aleister Crowley, the Ouija Board, and the Yi-King at 11.00am.
  • At midday, Sean Woodward will present "Voudon Gnostic Invocation", exploring the interaction with the spirits of Lucky Hoodoo, the Trans-Yuggothian denizens and the North as the seat of the old gods of the magicians of Atlantis.
  • At 1.30pm Kim Huggens will present "Badass Tarot for Everybody" which promises to step up the cartomancy of every attendee!
  • At 4.00pm, Sean is back to present "A Hyper Vudu Toolkit". The goal of the workshop is to create an item from the toolkit for each delegate interested in exploring the Voudon Gnostic path in a guided way.

The Green Room

The Green Room will be primarily hosting the Visualisation techniques, and our Protection workshop:
  • We will open the Green Room a little later at 11.00am with Emma Doeve giving a talk on Austin Osman Spare. Spare is a renowned artist and synthesised a spectacularly powerful method for sigilising intents.
  • After the break, at 1.30 Emma will be joined by Matthew Levi Stevens to present "Know, Will, Dare: Sigil Strategies for Everyday Results". This workshop will investigate visual magick across many forms from symbols to art to gestures, and promises to give real, practical techniques for beginner and advanced practitioner alike.
  • The day will finish with Siany Dragonoak's brutally effective Protection workshop, "Survival Witchcraft", exploring traditional defense (and occasional offence!) for witches working in the real world.

The Avalon Club

The Avalon Club's large space is perfect for our Evocation and Invocation workshops:
  • In the morning, the Avalon Club will host The Visible College's lectures, opened by Drac Uber at 09.45am, then:
  • 10.00am: Emma Smith opens with a lecture on Kemetics.
  • 11.00am: Peter Grey delivers "Keeping Silent in the Digital Age"
  • The morning culminates in a round table discussion on Shaping Society. Please see this page for full details.
  • At 1.30pm Simon Bastian will present "Magick and Martial Arts", and will then lead a workshop entitled "Circle Walking" giving a basic overview of Baguazhang as a practical evocative art.
  • At 4.00pm Alkistis Dimeche will lead "The God in the Body" to show the true relation between invocation and the notion of the physical body. Further details coming soon.