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Healing Hangout

At the Healing Hangout, we will be offering a hand to those who partied hard at the Bacchanal Ball or kicked too much ass at our assorted workshops

Yuri Leitch of Pan Summers will be leading short restorative Tai Chi and Qi Gong sessions, while these fine practitioners of Glastonbury's healing arts will be offering services:

Jacqui Simmonds - Reflexology & Reiki

Jacqui runs the Bohemia Healing Centre with Danielle Silver, and will be offering Reflexology and Reiki to those attending the hangout.

Sol Nigrum - Reiki Master & Energy Therapist

Sol co-runs Mysteria Magicka on Glastonbury's High Street, and is a Reiki Master and tarot reader. He is often found on Thursday evenings with The Visible College's Tarot & Tipple!

Jesse Nastos - Holistic Massage

Jesse is a qualified aromatherapist and masseur, and will be offering massages in the Hangout. You can also find him on Saturday offering Voodoo Readings in the George & Pilgrim, with TVC's Tarot & Tipple.

Yuri Leitch - Taijiquan

We are very excited that Yuri of Pan Summers will be joining us on Sunday to offer short Tai Chi and Qi Gong taster sessions, in order to help re-balance one's Chi and absorb the magick of the Conference!

Yuri's website