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"Salt & Mercury. Effective against the dark forces. They will protect you and Simon... if we can save him."
"And you?"
"I have other protection."

-The Devil Rides Out

The Main Hall 11.00am, The Red Room 16.00pm

Like condoms and umbrellas, you'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Protection underpins the magical practice as you need to be sure that, when you're standing in your circle or grove or Temple, the only thing directing the forces of the Universe is you.

Jake Stratton-Kent opens our Protection stream with the first lecture in the Main Hall at 11.00am, covering the defences needed to wield the Dark Arts of exorcism and necromancy, from one of the finest scholars on the Grimoires alive today. At least we're pretty sure he's still alive...

In the afternoon, Siany Dragonoak gives us top tips for Survival Witchcraft in the Red Room at 4.00pm, not shy to go into full gory detail about the most effective counter-hexes and protection magicks employed by Traditional witches across Britain.

Tickets are on sale from The Visible College's website now, and the AAA Ticket will allow you to book your workshops early!