Matthew Levi Stevens: Divination & Visualisation

Matthew will be presenting our lecture on Divination in the Green Room at 11.00am
and joining Emma Doeve to lead our workshop on Visualisation in the Red Room at 1.30pm

About Matthew Levi Stevens:

Matthew Levi Stevens is a writer, researcher, online commentator, and occultist, born shortly before Midnight on Halloween.

His most recent work, The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs, was published by Mandrake of Oxford in 2014, to wide-ranging critical acclaim. He has also written articles on experimental musician-occultists Coil, Aleister Crowley, and Kenneth Grant, as well as an essay on The Rite of the Headless One for the anthology, Occult Traditions (Numen, 2012.) 

Other work has appeared in Beatdom, Beat Scene, Chaosphere, New Dawn, Reality Sandwich, Reality Studio, The Cauldron, The Modern Review, and Wiccan Rede.

With his partner, the artist Emma Doeve, Matthew is currently working on a Grimoire inspired by the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri. 

They share a website at:

Lecture: The Lesser-Known Oracles of the Great Beast - Aleister Crowley, the Ouija Board, & the Yi King

Matthew writes: Beyond the Legend of Infamy, Aleister Crowley is best known for his role as Prophet of a New Age and as an unprecedented Modern Teacher. From Frater Perdurabo of the Golden Dawn to The Master Therion and Beyond, Crowley created a body of Work & Teaching that continues to instruct and inspire: Yoga, Thelema and The Book of The Law, Magick in Theory & Practice, and The Book of Thoth Tarot. Matthew Levi Stevens will be taking a look at some of the lesser known oracles that Crowley himself made use of, and how they can be part of your magickal toolkit.

Workshop: Know, Will, Dare - Sigil Strategies for Everyday Results

Matthew will join Emma for this exciting workshop on practical Visualisation techniques, with full details to follow.

Stay tuned!