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Sunday 19th February

Sunday seeks to have a new format - movement classes for the body, and seminars for the mind.

Movement for Magick in the Body

Our main event space will be given over on Sunday to integrating the body, mind, and spirit.

Kash Salem, local bellydance and yoga instructor, will go through yoga forms for magicians - important techniques for bringing the mind and body together, and mastery of the self.

Paul Grey will then lead training in techniques from Krav Maga and other martial arts disciplines, designed to help understand the body we inhabit, increase our awareness of our own movements and others', and how to protect ourselves.

Closing these sessions is Alkistis Dimech, who will use her experience as a practitioner of butoh and magick to present 'The Flesh of the World' - exercises in body and voice to deepen sensation and surrender to our path.

Seminars for Magick in the Mind

We're bringing our discourse into a more intimate setting with our seminars on Sunday.

Yuri Leitch will be taking participants through the foundations of Taiji and Qigong, exploring the internal energy available to all of us as we go about our magical endeavours.

Yvonne Aburrow then presents Queering Wyrd: Making Magick Inclusive, a seminar on bringing diversity into traditional and eclectic paths, with the aim of crafting ritual using the rich tapestry of human experience.

Nikki Wyrd closes the morning, presenting Finding Your Voice, including techniques from different traditions, exploring how human sounds can cross boundaries and allow relationships with the intuitive and numinous realms to grow.
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Time & LocationEventSpeaker/Host
Time & LocationEventSpeaker/Host
09:00 - Front Hall The Occult Market Stallholders from across the UK 
09:00 - Main Hall Workshop: Yoga for Magick Kash Salem 
09:00 - Upper Room Seminar: Taiji & Qi Gong Yuri Leitch 
10:30 - Main Hall Workshop: Applied Body Mechanics Paul Grey 
10:30 - Upper Room Seminar: Finding Your Voice Nikki Wyrd 
12:00 - Main Hall Workshop: The Flesh of the World Alkistis Dimech 
12:00 - Upper Room Seminar: Queering Wyrd - Inclusive Magick Yvonne Aburrow 
13:30 - Cafe Lunch! Our wonderful cafe team 
14:30 - Main Hall Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass Calix Sanctus Oasis O.T.O. 
18:30 - Cafe Area Bar Opens The Occult Conference Team 
19:00 - Main Hall Introduction & Magical Comedy Danny Buckler 
19:45 - Main Hall Green Musick Magick Seize the Day 
20:15 - Main Hall Refreshment Break Our hardworking bar staff 
20:30 - Main Hall Magical Comedy Danny Buckler 
21:00-Close - Main Hall Green Musick Magick Seize the Day 
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