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About Tickets

All tickets for The Occult Conference 2015 and TVC's Spring Session will be sold through The Visible College's website:

The reason behind this is purely to do with payment option providers, and a desire to move away from PayPal (last year's payment mechanism).

Tickets available for purchase:

Access All Areas

The AAA Ticket will grant entry to all lectures in the Occult Conference and The Visible College's schedule, and to whichever two workshops you'd like to attend - plus the opportunity to book them! The day ends with the Bacchanal Ball, to unwind and relax across the Main Hall, or the cocktail speakeasy and raffle room below decks. 

Hall Ticket

Much like last year, our Hall Ticket gives access to exactly that: the Assembly Rooms' Main Hall throughout the day. We're also opening that up in the morning to the other lectures in the Red and Green Rooms, so all five techniques' presentations are available to you. 

In the afternoon, the Main Hall will host former Lib Dem MP Lembit Öpik as he presents "May The Force Be With You", a workshop investigating the power structures at work in Britain, and how we as Occultists of all stripes can engage and influence the UK's current heading. In the evening, the Main Hall will play host to the Bacchanal Ball.

Bacchanal Ball

In the evening, we transform the Assembly Rooms into the Bacchanal Ball! Glastonbury's finest toga party, with prizes for the best dressed party - yes, this is a group entry, and if you want to create your own theme go for it!

We listened to your feedback from last year, so the Ball itself in the Main Hall will be non-stop music until the prizes are given out and we have to go home. Downstairs however we'll have a lock-in cocktail speakeasy, and a raffle call for the great work we are doing to help a local Glastonbury cause.

Online Ticket

We'll be recording the lectures for each of the techniques, and hosting them very soon after the event. Our hosting this year, alongside much of our artwork, has been very kindly provided by Sean Woodward, our speaker from the Gnostic Vodoun tradition.

Workshop Bundle

Coming with a friend or two? Our workshop bundle includes 3 tickets to workshops, normally at £10 each! This is designed for groups to use, as you'll only be able to attend two workshops on the day.

TVC: Spring Session

The Visible College's Spring Session has lectures from Emma Smith and Peter Grey in the morning in the Avalon Club, followed by a round table discussion with many of our speakers on Shaping Society. You'll then move to the Assembly Rooms' Main Hall for Lembit Öpik's workshop in the afternoon, "May The Force Be With You". In the evening, you'll be free to come along to the Bacchanal Ball. A great day from a great partnership!

Please remember that all tickets are electronic, and you will be provided with wristbands on the day. 
Please bring proof of purchase with you (preferably electronic!)

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Ticket TypeAccessAdvance PriceDay Price
Ticket TypeAccessAdvance PriceDay Price
The Occult Conference: Access All Areas Ticket All lectures; pre-book 2 workshops; the Bacchanal Ball £50 Advance only - limited stock! 
The Occult Conference: Assembly Hall Ticket Any lectures in the Assembly Rooms; the Bacchanal Ball £25 £30 
The Occult Conference: Bacchanal Ball Ticket The Bacchanal Ball in the evening £10 £15 
The Occult Conference: Online Ticket Access to the 5 lectures at the Occult Conference £20 £20 
The Occult Conference Workshop Bundle 3x workshops on the day (max 2 per person) £25 £25 
TVC: Spring Session Ticket Lectures in the Avalon Club; Workshop in the Assembly Rooms' Main Hall; the Bacchanal Ball £20 £25 
Showing 6 items