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“Magic in its earliest form is often referred to The Arte. I believe this is completely literal… Indeed to cast a spell is simply to spell, to manipulate words, to change people’s consciousness…"
-Alan Moore

The Red Room, 12.00pm to 3.30pm

Some of the earliest recorded magick was visual, so we are bringing in a crack squad to explain both the theory and practice of visual magick.

Emma Doeve has a background as professional artist and scholar of esotericism, so she will present a lecture on Austin Osman Spare and the evolution of his sigil magick technique at 12.00pm:
Zos Speaks: “I am the Living Truth. Heaven is ecstasy; my consciousness changing and acquiring association. May I have the courage to take from my own superabundance.”

Emma Doeve will be presenting an introduction to Austin Osman Spare, probably the foremost Artist-Magician of the 20th Century. Examining Spare’s Life & Work from the point of view of both Fine Artist and magical practitioner, Emma will explore some of the sources of his inspiration, describe his mysterious muse and esoteric eroticism, and catalogue some of his individual and highly innovative contributions to both Art & the Occult and the Occult Arts.

In the afternoon, Emma will be joined by Matthew Levi Stevens to give a full workshop entitled "Know, Will, Dare: Sigil Strategies for Everyday Success" from 1.30pm onwards. This comprehensive and practical session will empower everyone to go out and get their sorcery on:
The visualisation and projection of living symbols of Desire and Intent are an essential part of the Science and Art of causing Change in conformity with Will. Techniques for producing Word, Sign, Image, or Gesture accordingly can be found with remarkable consistency throughout Magic. Drawing on a wide range of systems – from the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri and the Grimoires, to Modern Masters such as Austin Spare and Franz Bardon – Emma Doeve and Matthew Levi Stevens will be exploring ways to devise personalised strategies for everyday results.

Tickets are on sale from The Visible College's website now, and the AAA Ticket will allow you to book your workshops early!