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Lughnasadh Update - Speakers Announcement

posted 2 Aug 2016, 12:18 by Sef Salem   [ updated 2 Aug 2016, 12:26 ]
Happy Lughnasadh to everyone - we have a treat for you with the completed line-up for 2017's Occult Conference!
Time to jump off!

Our full list of speakers is here, including presentation titles, and I'm very pleased to announce those joining in this round:

We can also announce that we are changing venue - we're excited to be in the Glastonbury Town Hall for 2017, with free entry to the Occult Market in the front of the building throughout the weekend! We still have some stalls available, so if you run a business and would like to be on board, email or message organisers and we'll work something out.

The Town Hall is completely accessible for all attendees, and features a much larger room for workshops, so we will be increasing attendance size. This allows us to sell individual tickets to the workshops, so watch out for these in the near future.

With just over six months to go, Full Tickets are now at full price of £50 for the weekend. Further tickets for each day and individual workshops will be added during the course of this week - you can check the ticket purchase page to pick up yours any time.

Now we've assembled our team of mythic and mystic heroes, we'll be bringing you biographies and presentation listings in the weeks and months ahead, and this will be compiled into a brochure along with interviews, notes, and behind the scenes info available at the event as a souvenir. A true talisman of our blood, sweat, and tears!

Thank you to everyone who has picked up an Early Bird Ticket, and we're pleased to see such a great uptake. Any questions? Get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

-Sef Salem, for
The Occult Conference Team