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Schedule Announcement

posted 22 Nov 2017, 14:14 by Sef Salem   [ updated 22 Nov 2017, 14:27 ]
The Conference is approaching fast! So we'd better confirm our line up for you, who's on which day, and what you can expect from our wonderful two day extravaganza. Look out for our posters & flyers when you're out and about - they'll be landing in occult stores across the UK very soon!

Saturday has five lectures and four workshops, plus a closing ritual. We open with Janet Farrar and carry on in strength with Marian Green, Phil Hine, and Mogg Morgan until Damh the Bard closes our lectures, followed by the open ritual by The Visible College. Throughout the day we'll have workshops by James North, the Illuminates of Thanateros, Damh, and Caroline Wise. There'll be the delightful refreshments of the Cognitive Coffee Co. from 2017, and our fabulous Occult Market in the front of the Town Hall. Full Saturday schedule is here, including the party for Saturday night.

On Sunday we'll have a very special celebration of Liber XV: the Gnostic Mass in the morning, alongside our informal collaborative seminars upstairs, including a special presentation by LifeRites, plus the IOT, Michael Staley of Starfire Publishing, and Dave Lee. Workshops will resume in the afternoon with Dave's exploration of Energy & Breathwork, including A.O. Spare's Death Posture! At the same time, we will have an occult film afternoon for those wanting to chill out with some surprises left for the day. Finally, Janet will be joined by Gavin Bone for a final workshop, leading into an Open Wiccan Circle to close the Conference. Full Sunday schedule is here.

We're really proud of the fantastic line up this year, and we're looking forward to seeing you in Glastonbury this February. Weekend Tickets are still available along with all others here, so pick up yours soon and tell all your magical friends.

All times subject to change, due to wizardly timekeeping and elemental wotsits.