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Springtime News & Speaker Update!

posted 2 Mar 2016, 17:39 by Sef Salem   [ updated 2 Mar 2016, 17:39 ]
Spring is here, and we are full steam ahead as the Conference approaches!

Our programme has been finalised, and we have an exciting couple of additions to our speaking roster:
  • Cavan McLaughlin, visual magician and lecturer in design, will be presenting a lecture on our Sunday programme on Open-Source Occultism. Cavan teaches at the University of Northampton, and will be organising a wonderful symposium, Trans-States, in September - the Team is very excited to attend!
  • Julian Vayne, who gave an excellent workshop in 2014, and presented for The Visible College that Autumn, is stepping in to speak on Future Magicks later that day. Sadly, Gordon White is no longer able to attend, but I'm certain that we have a blessing in disguise with Julian's wealth of experience and insight now coming to our closing lecture.
  • Meanwhile on Saturday, Sef Salem of TVC and organiser of the Conference, will be giving a workshop on contacting Angels, based around Sef's experiences with the Grimoire of Armadel and his international group, the Gentlemen for Jupiter.
  • Last but by no means least, Damh the Bard will be giving a dual performance, both talking about the fine work of the Druid community across the world, and playing a Bardic Set in his inimitable style to close Saturday's programme of talks on Magick Ancient & Modern.
Attached is the full schedule - as ever, get in touch with any queries or suggestions.  We still have some of the Weekend Tickets left, so head over to pick up yours now.

We can't wait to see you all next month!

The Occult Conference Team

Sef Salem,
2 Mar 2016, 17:39