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Ticket & Speaker Announcement

posted 22 Jan 2017, 07:36 by Sef Salem
Hi everyone!

First, some tickets information: Weekend tickets have now sold out, so from here on it's only tickets to individual workshops and the lectures which will be available, and tickets to the evening events. These tickets are still discounted online, and will stay cheaper until the weekend before the Conference.

I write today to announce two last-minute changes to the line up for the Conference, due to circumstances beyond our control.

David Rankine
Gary Lachman has had to pull out due to another commitment, and so David Rankine will be taking the opening lecture at 10.00am and speaking on 'Gods, Grimoires, & Gateway Images':

"Magic takes on the religion of the age", but where does that leave magical practice in a world divided between indifference, post-religious and zealous religious thought? This lecture will be a stark deconstruction of many popular notions, to focus on realistic efficiency in magic.

David Rankine is an author, esoteric researcher and magician who lives in Glastonbury, England. He has been making major contributions to the modern occult revival since the 1980s, through lectures, workshops, presentations, articles and books. I'm very excited to hear his lecture which is sure to be a stand-out.

Sadly, we must also announce that Janet Farrar is unable to attend this year due to ill health. Last weekend she was taken to hospital and while we are very glad to say that she is in good form, she needs to undergo some surgery and will not be fit enough to travel by the time of the Conference. Her partner Gavin Bone has offered more information to those on his Facebook account, but to respect privacy we will not be giving further details here.Gavin may be able to attend depending on Janet's health, in which case he will lead the Open Circle to close Saturday's proceedings. 

Rodney Orpheus
In place of Janet's workshop, we will now be hosting Rodney Orpheus to lead a deconstruction and performance of the Mithraic Liturgy in the 2.00pm slot, taken from his Grimoire of Aleister Crowley, wherein he describes Mithraism thus:

Although widespread across the Roman Empire, the worship of Mithras appears to have emerged in Persia sometime between 2000 BCE and 1 CE. We know that it survived there after the fall of the Roman Empire (Mithraic festivals were still being held in Iran up until the 20th century), so one plausible explanation for the connection of Mithras and Baphomet is that when the Templars based themselves in the Middle East during the Crusades they stumbled upon, and were influenced by, a surviving cult of Mithras. Mithraism was a religion that was traditionally practised by soldiers, since Mithras was a deity of victory and conquest.

Rodney is an experienced magician and author, long-standing member of O.T.O., and founding member of the 80s Goth music scene with his membership of the Sisters of Mercy, and his own bands the Cassandra Complex and Sun God. I'm very glad to have him on board and I know that he'll give a great workshop for the Conference.

Those who have booked on to Janet's workshop will be offered first refusal; any additional spaces will be offered separately closer to the event.

Again, we can only apologise for the change, but we really appreciate your support and are looking forward to our exciting new speakers coming to Glastonbury next month. Look out for further announcements in the coming weeks, and keep an eye on your inbox for emails if you've already bought your ticket to Glastonbury's finest magical event.


-Sef Salem, for
The Occult Conference Team