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Updates for the Final Week of Pre-Sales

posted 30 Mar 2016, 01:28 by Occult Conference

A very happy Thelemic New Year, Passover, Easter, Equinox, or any other celebration you may have had!

The Conference is going to be fantastic, and it's almost here. As such, online tickets will be finishing next Monday, 4th of April. Don't worry, there are still tickets available on the door, but these will be slightly more expensive. Email us at if you have any queries, or think you might need to squeak in at the last minute!

Book Launch for the Conference

Paul Weston will be launching his new book, Glastonbury Psychogeography, over the Conference weekend! Paul will be hosting the readings of the Book of the Law each day, and will be giving us some information. You can also use a Weekend Ticket to come to the pre-party on Friday night, and see advance copies of Paul's new book.

Fantastic Treasures from Louise Hodgson

We're please to announce that Louise Hodgson, veteran of magical groups across the world, will be offering some exquisite pieces from her collection at the Conference
Austin Spare - Portrait of Man (likely pub portrait)
Austin Spare - Portrait of Man. Likely a pub portrait.
Tibetan/Chinese inscribed jaw bones of large feline - 
Neolithic bone with later talismanic engraving.
A Cornish witch chair - from the Penzance area
A sealed bag of spirits - do not open!

Magick skull!