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Helcat Johnson & Lyn Baylis - LifeRites

Helcat & Lyn will be presenting 'Preparing the Body at Transition' on Sunday 18th FebruaryLifeRites is a not for profit organisation dedicated to serving the needs of individuals:

"We believe passionately that our focus should be on the vocational work that we do.

LifeRites was established with the express intention of helping individuals create and experience meaningful rituals, whatever their background. We believe in equality and celebrate cultural and spirituality diversity.

Our aim is to serve the needs of anyone who seeks to affirm their life and death in a personal and individual manner by providing practical advice, guidance and support on rites of passage and life celebrations. We empower people so they can carry out rituals for themselves if they choose or with assistance from our Ministers and Celebrants if required.

LifeRites respects the individual’s spiritual beliefs without judgement. We work with you when creating your rituals. Although we provide suggestions and input, you always have the final say over the structure of your ceremony. This is your celebration."

Helcat Johnson is a celebrant, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and mindfulness facilitator. . | Facebook: HC Johnson